Land for Sale @ Gbalahi, Tamale (Northern Ghana)

Land for Sale @ Gbalahi, Tamale (Northern Ghana)
Land 4 Sale @ Gbahali (Tamale)

My homey Mohammed Abdul Latif, who has contributed heavily to GHfind, is currently working in Tamale.  And he has become privy to some land deals in the area, which I want to begin sharing with the public.  For starters, he put on to land that’s currently available in a suburb of Tamale known as Gbalahi.


Tamale serves as the capital of a part of Ghana known as the Northern Region.  It is the third-most populated city in Ghana, only being preceded by Accra and Kumasi.

This part of the country is known for being predominantly Muslim.  Also, whereas most of Ghana (including Tamale) is grasslands, the further you go north, the closer you start getting to the Sahara.  So Tamale is also known for being hotter than the southern areas.  It is the type of place which, according to Latif, a person may need an air conditioner to feel comfortable.

Northern Ghana has other benefits, such as boasting a lower cost of living than the south.  Also, Latif has raved about Tamale being spacious.  In other words, residences aren’t as huddled together as in Accra, Koforidua and some other areas.


I’ve been informed to report that there is land for sale in Tamale, at the Gbalahi South East Residential Area, Block C (as shown in the pic above).  If you were to google “Gbalahi”, a bulk of the information that appears on the first page may refer to a landfill.  But as for this land, it’s in the southeast of Gbalahi, where the residences are, away from the landfill.

The asking price for a plot is GH₵15,000.00 (fifteen thousand Ghana Cedis).  At today’s exchange rate, that would amount to approximately $975.00 US Dollars, €900.00 Euros or £760.00 British Pounds.  So the land is relatively inexpensive from a foreign perspective, less than the cost of rent most Westerners pay for a month.

               Mohammed Adbut Latif in the Northern Region


Anyone interested in learning more about this opportunity should call or whatsapp Latif at +233-55-976-1476.

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