Volta Riverside Land for Sale @ Battor, Ghana

My little homey Mohammed Abdul Latif, aka Latif, recently sent me info on some really attractive land available in Battor (aka Bator).  Battor is a town located on the coast of the Volta River.  That’s the waterbody which connects the Volta Lake in the north to the Atlantic Ocean further south.

As you can see in the video, the land is located on the riverside and furthermore on a beach.  I was surprised watching this, because I’ve been to a couple of major lakes inland, including the Volta, which don’t have beaches.

But according to Wikipedia, “large rivers” such as this one are capable of developing their own beaches.  I would also presume this phenomenon has something to do with Battor being somewhat close to the ocean.  The town is about 35 miles away from the Atlantic.  So there are a number of beach resorts in the area.  And as you can gather from the clip, it’s a pristine locality, not one that’s overpopulated or polluted.

Being blessed with such attributes and opportunities, it’s understandable that land here, on the coast of the river, is a bit costly.  Currently, the asking price per plot is GH₵85,000.00 (eighty-five thousand Ghana Cedis).  As of this writing, that amounts to approximately $5,700.00 (five thousand, seven hundred US Dollars). That’s equivalent to about €5,200.00 (five thousand, two hundreds Euros).  Or, it comes up to a little over £4,400.00 (four thousand, four hundred British Pounds).

That may be expensive by Ghanaian standards.  Relatively speaking, it’s not so much for foreign investors.  And in any event, it’s a beautiful place to live and a nice location to set up a business, like a beach resort or restaurant.


If you’re interested in this deal, you can contact Latif via telephone or through Whatsapp at 055-976-1476.  Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to GHfind for more exclusive land-purchasing opportunities.

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